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14 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

Self care comes in many forms, from getting a little extra sleep, to time alone with a book. Self care doesn't have to cost a lot of money, or take up a whole day. There are always ways to make time for yourself.

My intention for 2016 was simplicity, so I'm working to find more simple ways to practice self care.

So here are fourteen simple ways to take care of yourself today.

1. Treat yourself to a face mask

2. Buy yourself some flowers or a cute plant

3. Use that luxurious body oil you've been saving

4. Enjoy a hot cup of lemon tea

5. Slather your hair in coconut oil for a dose of healthy hydration

6. Give yourself a DIY Mani + Pedi

7. Have a hot bath with a new bath bomb

8. Enjoy a DIY or maybe even a luxe body scrub

9. Start burning a unique candle

10. Take an extra ten minutes to get ready in the morning

11. Make a simple DIY beauty treat

12. Take a short YouTube yoga or pilates class

13. Play around with your makeup stash

14. Accept yourself and love yourself

I hope this list helps you make time for yourself. If you have any self care routines or tips, please leave them below!

Until next time,