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3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Switch to Green Beauty

3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Switch to Green Beauty


I've always wanted to write a blog series, or even an e-book all about green beauty.

But when I really think about why I use natural products, it's so simple that I think I can cover it all in a blog post. 

I do it for me. And for the animals. And for the environment. And so should you. 

How Does Green Beauty Help Me? 

Conventional beauty products are filled with horrifying ingredients. There's hormone disrupters, skin irritants, all kinds of alcohols (some are good, some are not), and scary preservatives. There are ingredients linked to cancer (parabens) and ingredients linked to skin corrosion (SLS). I'm not about to put any of those near my body. 

I don't want to go through every toxic ingredient because that'll take ages. Not to mention that science is constantly evolving, so I feel like it's impossible to create a definitive list of ingredients to avoid. 

But I am going to suggest reading the recently published study that concluded that teenage girls can reduce their chemical exposure by 25-45% in 3 days if they stopped using their conventional beauty products. 

If you want to read more about specific ingredients and their effects, I recommend this article, 'Dirty Dozen' Cosmetic Chemicals to Avoid. 

How Does Green Beauty Help the Animals? 

I first got into green beauty because I didn't want to support animal testing or the use of animal ingredients in cosmetics. It's still a driving factor in my love for natural beauty options. 

I don't want to be the reason animals are held captive. I don't want to be the reason soaps, lipsticks, and hair sprays are forced on animals. 

So I opt for cruelty free products. I choose to support brands that support animals, instead of holding them captive. 

How Does Green Beauty Help the Environment? 

Do you remember how I mentioned the gross chemicals in conventional products? The ones I don't want on my body? 

If I don't want those on my body, why would I want them in the ground? In the water I drink? When we use conventional, chemical filled products, they enter our environment. The toxic hairspray enters the air we breathe. The soap filled with parabens goes down the drain, and so do the parabens. 

I'm not about slathering cancer causing, hormone disrupting chemicals on my body. I'm not about cosmetic testing on cute little bunnies. And I'm definitely not about pouring toxic soaps and shampoos down the drain. And that's why I choose green beauty. 

Why do you choose green beauty? 

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