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5 Green Beauty Body Scrubs You Need to Try

To be honest, I don't use scrubs that often. But when the temperature drops, I start buying all of the scrubs. They easily remove dead skin cells, leaving behind clean and soft skin. They also make me feel less like a hibernating creature and more like a normal human. So that's a plus.

Today I'm going to chat about five different note-worthy body scrubs that I'm using this time of year.

Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub // Giovanni Cosmetics

This smells incredible. It literally smells like a warm, sweet cup of hot chocolate that's got a touch of vanilla. It has this wonderful warming effect on your skin, so it's a very luxurious winter scrub. This scrub is very gentle, yet effective and leaves me with soft and nourished skin. I use this on the weekends when I can take a bit of extra time in the shower to soak it all in.

Eucalyptus Seaweed Scrub // Leaves of Trees

The name is a bit misleading on this one because it's not a full on eucalyptus scent. It's actually got a gorgeous, spa like scent that smells like eucalyptus mixed with some herbs. This is a very oily and hydrating scrub, but it does get a bit messy, so use with caution! I adore how hydrating it is, because it allows me to skip lotion after my shower.

Coconut Polishing Body Scrub // Yes to Coconuts

This brand makes vegan beauty products at a drugstore price, making them a really convenient choice. This is a very gentle scrub that exfoliates without irritating. The coconut scent brings me back to long days at the beach, with a salty exfoliant that leaves my skin soft and smooth.

Sugah Sugah Body Scrub // Koya Natural Skincare

Koya is a local brand that creates all natural, vegan body products. This scrub is one of their essentials, with a gorgeous, citrusy spa like scent that instantly relaxes me. While this is a sugar scrub, it has a unique whipped texture that is light and fluffy and reminds me of a body butter. A little goes a long way to gently exfoliate and hydrate your whole body.

Brightening Facial Scrub // Acure Organics

While this is meant for your face, it's just too intense for me. My sensitive facial skin is not a fan of scrubs. But this is great as a body scrub. It's more intense than a lot of these scrubs, which is great when you need extra exfoliation. The chlorella growth factor gives this scrub a natural, earthy scent and a bright green colour. But my favourite part about this scrub is the brightening effect that's wonderful in the Winter. This easily helps to revive dull patches, leaving you with soft and glowy skin.

Bonus: My DIY Coconut + Coffee Body Scrub for those of you who want to make your beauty products yourselves!

What are your favourite body scrubs?

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