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5 Simple Steps to a Relaxing Shower Routine

5 Simple Steps to a Relaxing Shower Routine

When we first started apartment hunting, I noticed that a lot of places didn't have tubs. The living situation in Toronto means lots of smaller apartments, with room for just a tiny stand up shower.

I was bummed because I couldn't imagine living without a tub. How would I have my baths? They're a big part of my self care routine! 

But then I realized that a lot of people actually don't have bath tubs. My boyfriend's parents just renovated their bathroom, and they removed their tub for a stand up shower. It seems like maybe not everyone wants a tub. 

So today I want to share five steps that you can take to create a more relaxing shower routine. These will help you take some time out for extra self care, even if you don't have a tub. 

Flora Candle // Woodlot

When it comes to having a bath, one of the first things I think of is lighting all the candles. This Flora scent has been my go to for self care evenings. I adore the fresh, soothing lavender scent paired with the natural, earthy cedar wood. 

Purifying Eucalyptus Shower Tablets // Aura Cacia

The second thing I think of is what products I'm going to use in the bath. When it comes to a shower, these handy tablets are where it's at. 

You simply unwrap a tablet and put it on the shower floor. The hot water dissolves the tablet, releasing the natural essential oils. It's a simple way to incorporate aromatherapy into your shower, and best of all there's no clean up! 

Plant Life //

A unique way to up your shower game is to incorporate plant life. Try hanging lavender or eucalyptus leaves under your shower head with a bit of twine. The hot water is going to release the natural scents, giving you a relaxing, spa like effect. You can find whatever plant life your heart fancies at Whole Foods or your local flower shop. 

Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask // Herbivore Botanicals

The blue tansy oil is great for reducing inflammation and soothing skin. The mask also has white willow bark, known for helping problematic skin, along with fruit enzymes that will gently resurface your skin. It's such a luxurious mask that gives my skin a natural, healthy glow. 

When I have a shower, I like to put the face mask on beforehand. This makes the removal process easier. 

Eucalyptus Seaweed Scrub // Leaves of Trees

When I have a bath, I don't like to use a scrub. It ends up sitting in the bath water, and I know I use natural scrubs, but it just grosses me out. So the benefit of taking a shower is getting to use a nice scrub. 

This one is my favourite for when I need a little extra TLC. It's got a delicious, natural, earthy scent, combined with a touch of eucalyptus. I love the cooling effect, and how gentle the scrub is. It's also incredibly hydrating, especially if you give your skin time to thoroughly soak it in. 

There are my five steps to taking a more relaxing shower. How do you create a calming shower routine? 

Until next time,