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5 Skincare Mistakes to Learn From

5 Skincare Mistakes to Learn From

As someone who has almost always been interested in skincare, I've made quite a few mistakes that have wreaked havoc on my skin. But luckily, like most of the human body, with time and TLC, your skin can heal. But I still want to share some of the things I've done so you can learn from my mistakes.

Buy for Your Skin Type.

No matter how cool a product sounds, if it isn't meant for your skin type, don't go for it.

I love all things citrusy, so I often want to try citrus skincare products. But they're hardly ever meant for dry, sensitive skin. I remember when I bought my first natural cleanser, a Citrus Kombucha Cleansing Gel from Andalou Naturals that was meant for oily skin. After each use my skin felt stripped and dry, because it wasn't meant for dry skin. No matter how much I loved the natural scent, I had to swap it for their creamy Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk

Simplify Your Products and Ingredients. 

I've had skincare products with over twenty ingredients, and skincare routines with over six steps. Not only is that a lot of time and effort (which I'm happy to put in, I do love skincare) but it's a lot for your skin.

Your skincare routine should assist your skin in doing it's job by removing dirt and makeup, exfoliating, and replenishing your skin with nutrients and moisture. But you can easily overdo it, and that can create an imbalance, leading to skin issues. 

I stick with a four step skincare routine that includes simple, nutrient packed, hydrating ingredients. I also look for products with fewer ingredients to give my skin a break. 

Be Cautious with Beauty DIY Recipes.

While I love a good DIY, and have written about quite a few on the blog, I do think you need to take them with a grain of salt. My favourite DIY recipes have come from VBR and Little Green Dot, and I trust both of them. But I've also had horrible experiences with DIY recipes. 

As a teenager I put straight lemon juice and apple cider vinegar on my skin, as DIY recipes recommended them for acne. Now I know that's really bad for your skin as it wrecks the balance of oil and can damage your skin's acid mantle.

I've used way too much essential oils before, and those are powerful little oils that can actually be damaging to sensitive skin when used in high concentrations.

So while DIY recipes are amazing, take some caution and make sure to research the ingredients and how they're being used. 

Change One Product At a Time.

As a kid I believed all of the marketing hype around skincare products so I was constantly trying new things. But I wasn't giving the products any time to work, and as my skin was constantly exposed to new products, my skin freaked out and the products never stood a chance.

Now I always ask that you try one product at a time to see if something is right for your skin. Once you've started using a new product, wait three to four weeks before using another one.

This also helps you figure out which products are actually causing irritation, and which ones are really working well. 


I always thought that not moisturizing my skin would mean I'd get less acne, but boy was I wrong. Providing your skin with proper moisture and hydration means your skin will be much more protected, as the moisture provides a protective barrier. Your skin will also be much more balanced and soothed, which can actually prevent acne in the first place. 

When it comes to your skin, moisturize every morning and night. When it comes to the rest of you, figure out what works best for your skin. I moisturize every day before bed because keeping a constant moisturizing routine helps me stick to it, and it ensures my skin is always soft and smooth. 

What skincare mistakes have you learned from? 

With love,