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5 Zero Waste Green Beauty Products You Can Make Yourself

Zero Waste Green Beauty Products You Can Make Yourself

One of the easiest ways to work towards a zero waste beauty routine is to make products at home, assuming you have access to a bulk foods store, which really isn't the case everywhere. 

I'm lucky in that I live in Toronto, where we have a few bulk stores. We also have Bulk Barn, which just launched their nation wide Reusable Container Program. This program allows you to use jars and cloth bags to hold your goodies instead of wasteful, single use plastic bags. 

With this launch, I've realized just how many more zero waste green beauty recipes I can make, and how much cooler my recipes will be. Today I want to share some ingredients and ways to use them. 

Invigorating Facial Steam

Facial steams are a wonderful way to give your skin some TLC. As part of an at home facial, they give your skin a natural, healthy glow that's just gorgeous. 

Bulk Barn offers herbs and teas that are really beneficial for your skin. Add some dried lavender to help soothe, dried rosemary to invigorate, Fair Trade Green Tea, or even a spicy, anti-inflammatory Ginger Turmeric Green Tea. Add all of your herbs into a glass bowl, cover with hot water, and enjoy!

Gentle Facial Exfoliant

Making a gentle facial exfoliant is really easy when you have access to oats and almond flour. When ground nice and fine, and mixed with an oil or even a few drops of water, you've got a super simple, easy to make exfoliant. I exfoliate once a week every week, and sometimes twice, depending on my skin and the weather. 

Simple Lip + Body Scrub

Bulk Barn offers Organic Coconut Oil, a super useful oil that's not only delicious but really beneficial for your skincare too. Mix a few spoonfuls with some sugar or ground coffee and you've got a simple scrub for your lips, hands, and entire body. You can also add some essential oils to make a healing, scented scrub or infuse your coconut oil with dried lavender!

Lavender Coconut Body Oil

I've mentioned that Bulk Barn has Dried Lavender and Coconut Oil, so naturally I'm going to recommend making a calming, soothing body oil.

  • Fill a glass jar 3/4 of the way with dried lavender before adding the liquid coconut oil. It's important that the oil is liquid, so you may need to keep it in the sunshine or near a heater to ensure it stays liquid.
  • Infuse for 4-6 weeks, the longer the better for a more potent infusion.
  • Once the time is up, strain the lavender and you're left with a body oil.

Add it to sugar for a scrub, pour some in your bath, or just use it to hydrate your bod!

Lavender Bath Soak

Bulk Barn also sells Epsom Salts, which are really healing salts that you can add to your baths to promote relaxation, relief from sore muscles, and a good night's sleep. Add a few handfuls to your bath along with some healing Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and dried lavender and you've got a herbal, healing bath soak. 

How do you reduce waste in your green beauty routine? What are your favourite things to buy in bulk? 

With love,