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Creating a Blissful Skincare Routine with Herbblissful


A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on why I think you should start using oil based serums. But since trying this new, organic, local beauty line, I've changed my mind. I think you should be using oil based skincare. Period. 

Why Oil Based Skincare?

I truly believe that moisturizing your skin is the key to happy skin. When our skin is properly nourished, it's going to be more protected, and less prone to irritation, inflammation, and the pesky imbalances that can cause acne. With the right combination of plant based carrier oils and healing essential oils, your skin will have all it needs and more from a curated skincare routine of oil based products. 

With that said, let me introduce you to a new Canadian brand that's created a line of skincare made with plant based oils. 

Who is Herbblissful?

Herbblissful is a skincare line based right here in Toronto. They value natural ingredients, taking care of our planet, animal rights, and providing healthy wellness and beauty products for you. Their line is completely organic, vegan, cruelty free, and everything is packaged in glass bottles! (You all know how happy that makes me!) 

I've had the pleasure of indulging my skin in their simple, handmade products, and considering I'm experiencing the best skin I've had in months, I'm so excited to pass on what I've learned! I'm going to walk you through my favourite products, how they work, and my current skincare ritual. Let's get started!

Start with the Tea Tree Tranquil Calming Cleanser*

Made with: 

  • Organic Grapeseed Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Organic Chamomile Essential Oil

I think one of the most luxurious skincare products is a good oil cleanser. As a rule, they're incredibly indulgent, and this one is no different. As it gently removes makeup, dirt, and debris, it properly cleanses your skin, while moisturizing, reducing inflammation, and providing a substantial dose of healing antioxidants.

And those antioxidants are crucial for healthy, luminous skin. They protect your skin from sun damage, repair cellular damage, and boost your skin's production of collagen, which can give you a more youthful glow.

The tea tree essential oil is an incredibly powerful, plant based essential oil that's antifungal and antibacterial, so it's ideal for acne prone skin types. And you don't need me to tell you that chamomile essential oil is going to soothe your irritated, inflamed skin, leaving you with less redness and more glow. 

Treat with the Rosehip Repair Repairing Serum*

Made with: 

  • Organic Rosehip Oil
  • Organic Black Seed Oil
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

At the risk of sounding cheesy, this serum has really rocked my world. My skin is dry and sensitive, but acne prone, so as a rule I avoid serums for acne. They're just too drying or irritating. But this oil based serum is totally different.

I use it on my nose and chin, where I have acne, and it's not only reduced the redness, irritation, and inflammation, but I'm not getting new spots, and these areas look much more bright and clear. The ingredients work together to heal irritation and acne without stripping my skin of it's natural oils, which is exactly what we all want!

The rosehip and sweet almond oils are great for acne prone, sensitive skin, as they're very light, and have a comedogenic rating of 1 and 2, respectively, which means they're not going to clog your pores. But it's the black seed oil that's the star of the show here. 

Black seed oil is well known for healing acne prone skin, as it's high in the antioxidants that are going to protect and repair your skin at a cellular level. This oil isn't irritating, which is wonderful for people with acne prone AND sensitive skin. And if that wasn't enough, this serum also has lavender oil, which is going to soothe everything. 

Moisturize with the Sunflower Serene Calming Moisturizer*

Made with: 

  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil
  • Organic Rosehip Oil
  • Organic Chamomile Essential Oil

I love a good face oil - they're not only moisturizing and healing, but they leave your skin so soft, clear, and glowy. No cream can give you the glow that an oil can.

This moisturizer is wonderful for sensitive skin. It's incredibly light and calming, which is exactly what you need. The sunflower, sweet almond, and rosehip oils are going to nourish your skin, while the chamomile is going to give your skin a healing, soothing boost. It also smells like a cup of chamomile tea, and if you're into aromatherapy at all, you'll know how nice it is to have a chamomile scented face oil! 

Moisturize with the Argan Active Nourishing Moisturizer*

Made with:

  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

If you're not into chamomile, this one is your new go-to moisturizer. With a base of argan oil (my favourite oil), it's super moisturizing. The argan oil is good for everything - inflammation, acne, redness, wrinkles, scars, and dry spots.

And the sunflower oil is high in those healing antioxidants your skin loves. And the lavender essential oil is always good for your skin. It's the argan oil of essential oils, meaning it can literally do it all. It also gives this moisturizer such a nice scent that's amazingly relaxing. 

The Ritual

To get your softest, most glowy skin, start with the TeaTree Tranquil Cleanser*. Gently massage one or two pumps into your skin for about two minutes. Let your skin soak up the oils, and then gently remove with a warm face cloth. Follow with your toner of choice.

Treat your skin with the Rosehip Repair Repairing Serum*. Apply a couple drops all over or just on your acne prone areas. If you have severely dry skin, follow with a serum specifically targeted for moisture, like the Sweet Sweet Almond Micro-Moisturizing Serum

Now choose your moisturizer of choice. I love both the Sunflower Serene Calming Moisturizer* and the Argan Active Nourishing Moisturizer*, and I use them interchangeably. Go with the one you feel most called to - does your skin love chamomile oil? Go with the Sunflower Serene. Does your skin adore argan oil? Go with the Argan Active. And if you really can't decide, just get both! 

And that's it! Now you get to enjoy your supple, luminous skin! 

Which Herbblissful products do you feel drawn to? 

With love, 


This post is sponsored by Herbblissful. Products with an (*) were sent to me for review. However, all products are thoroughly and honestly reviewed, and opinions are my own. To learn more, please read my Disclaimer