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Empties #16: Body Care

Empties #16: Body Care


It's the beginning of the month, so it's time for some empties! 

Over the last few months I've been going through a lot of products, so I've split the empties into two posts. Today I'll cover body care, and on Friday we'll chat about skin care and makeup

Muscle Soak Bath Bombs // Whole Foods

With just a few simple and natural ingredients, Whole Foods created mini bath bombs that were the perfect alternative to conventional options.

I really enjoyed the light, natural scent that reminded me of a spa. The bath bombs even had coconut oil to help soften and hydrate your skin. I would repurchase these if they were still available. 

Clementine Ginger Energizing Body Lotion // Andalou Naturals

We all know how much I love these lotions. They're incredibly nourishing, they're very affordable, and all of the scents are uniquely beautiful. 

This is one of my favourite scents; it's a very citrusy scent with a subtle hint of spicy ginger. Of course I'll repurchase this. 

Lavender Hand Cream // Andalou Naturals

The Andalou hand creams are just as lovely as their body lotions. 

This is my favourite option. It has a calming lavender scent that's paired with Shea and cocoa butter for maximum hydration. I've already repurchased! 

Handcrafted Shea Butter // Alaffia

I love using Shea butter in my beauty routine. It's a great body moisturizer, and it's an excellent foot butter. But sometimes it can be very difficult to use. 

I found this was wonderfully smooth throughout the entire jar. It was softer than any Shea butter I've tried, so it was easier to work with. I'll definitely be purchasing this one from now on. 

Foaming Shaving Gel // Acure Organics (Discontinued)

I love this shaving gel, and I've got a full review here.  

There are lots of natural shaving gels and creams on the market, but this is the first and only one to win my approval. The ingredients are truly natural, and the foaming action is powered by air, not harmful chemicals. 

The ingredients include aloe vera and cucumber, which are going to soothe and hydrate, along with chamomile to calm your skin. It makes shaving a breeze and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I'll definitely be repurchasing this. 

Comforting Geranium (Heart Song) Mineral Bath // Aura Cacia

I love the Aura Cacia mineral bath packets. They're really affordable and they're great for a bath or two. They're also travel friendly which is always convenient. 

But I hated this scent. Like I really hated it. I usually love their scents, because they're very subtle, fresh scents that are really lovely. But this was awful. I'll repurchase their other scents, but I'm staying far away from this one. 

What do you think of my empties? 

Until next time,