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Emtpies #8: Andalou Naturals, Schmidt's + More

I've got five products to talk about today, two of which are essentials and another two that I just love. I hope you enjoy!

Polishing Body Scrub // Yes to Coconut

I love this affordable, natural scrub. It's incredibly gentle and smells like a tropical getaway. I will be repurchasing. 

Fragrance Free Deodorant // Schmidt's

I used to make my own DIY deodorant so I was interested in trying a store bought alternative. I liked it at first, although it's difficult to work with and kind of messy. 

But after a while I started getting a lot of under arm irritation. When I stopped using the cream, the reaction went away. I'm not sure what ingredient caused it, but I won't be repurchasing. 

Citrus Verbena Uplighting Body Lotion // Andalou Naturals (Discontinued)

The formula is really hydrating, it sinks in quickly and comes in a ton of different scents. This is my favourite scents, and I plan on repurchasing the lotion in Aloe Mint because I haven't tried it yet.

Lavender Hand Cream // Andalou Naturals

The three Andalou hand cream scents are lovely, the formulas are similar, but with little differences like the butters and oils. They are all hydrating without being greasy. I will continue to repurchase these.

Volumizing Mascara // Mineral Fusions

I'm not one for being picky about mascaras. But I wasn't in love with this. I didn't see a lot of difference in volume, length, or even colour. So I won't be purchasing this, and if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!

Cream Brow Pencil in Flax // ZuZu Luxe

This is long lasting and adds lots of definition and shape to my sparse brows. I think the colour match is pretty good, although in really bright lights it looks a little too red. But I love the formulation and I will be repurchasing this. 

Are you thinking of trying any of these products?

Until next time,