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5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera in Your Green Beauty Routine

5 Ways to Use Aloe Vera in Your Green Beauty Routine

Aloe Vera is such a handy plant to keep around. It's pretty easy to grow, although I've managed to kill two so far. I always give it too much or too little water. But I'm learning. 

I keep ours in the bathroom on a window sill so it gets lots of sunlight, but also so it's always within reach. Aloe has so many beauty benefits that I couldn't list them all here, but I do want to share five ways I use aloe. 

I get my aloe from my plant, so to use I just snip off a tiny bit and apply directly to my skin. If you're getting it from a bottle, I highly recommend looking into a plant, as it's more natural and prevents plastic waste. But if you must go with the bottle, make sure there's no icky ingredients, and make sure it's actual, pure aloe instead of a watered down alternative. 

1. Sunburn

When I do get a sunburn, aloe vera is a great treatment. It has anti-inflammatory properties so it's going to help calm and soothe the irritation. It's also antioxidants and vitamins to help heal and repair your skin. 

2. Skin Treatment

Just like healing a sun burn, aloe can help heal other skin issues. The anti-inflammatory properties can work to heal redness, irritation, and even acne. It's also got anti-bacterial properties to stop acne in it's tracks.

Plus, aloe has all of those beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to heal your skin. Oh, and it's also an astringent, which means it works like a toner to really clean the skin pores. 

3. Removing Makeup + Cleansing

While I adore oil based cleansers for really getting the gunk out of your skin, it's always nice to switch it up. 

Aloe brings all of the benefits I've already talked about to your cleansing routine. Use it like you would any cleanser. Massage into your skin for a minute or two, wash with warm water, and gently dry your face. Your skin won't feel tight or dry, but it'll feel clean and soothed. 

4. DIY Scrub Ingredient

I love DIY scrubs because they're so easy to customize. Aloe is an easy ingredient that's going to soothe and heal your skin. I like to add it to any sugar based scrub, along with some citrus essential oils. 

5. Shaving

I've recently started to look at the packaging of my beauty products. Shaving cans are not the best for the environment, in any way, so I'm looking for alternatives. Shaving bars are nice, and you can also use your regular soap bar. 

But if you want something special, use some aloe. You'll need a lot depending on how much you're shaving, but it's so beneficial.

Not only will it help with the usual soothing, hydrating, and repairing, but if you accidentally nick yourself, the anti-bacterial properties will help to prevent more irritation, and even infection. I manage to do this a lot, because I always shave in a rush, so it's so comforting to know I'm using something that's working to help heal my skin. 

How do you use aloe? 

Until next time,