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Green Beauty Skincare Products for Acne

Green Beauty Skincare Products for Acne

Discovering skincare products that truly work for acne prone skin is always a challenge. Especially when most of them strip your skin, cause irritation and redness, and definitely don't heal acne.

But luckily, I've found a few skincare essentials (specifically for acne) that support your skin instead of working against it. 

Turmeric Spot Treatment / cocokind

If you have acne, I'm sure you've tried spot treatments. In my experience, most of them don't work. They either literally don't do anything, or they irritate your skin and make matters worse. But this one is totally different. 

Instead of stripping your skin in an effort to dry out your acne, it moisturizes and soothes the area. This allows your skin to actually heal. This treatment also has anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger, which work together to reduce your skin's redness and of course, the acne itself. 

At the end of the day I apply this treatment wherever my skin needs it - on new acne and on acne scars. I leave on for at least twenty minutes, but it's often a couple hours.

I remove when I cleanse my entire face, but you can also remove it by spraying your toner onto a cotton pad (or a reusable pad to reduce waste!) and gently rub the area.

The turmeric won't stain your skin, but it could stain your clothes or towels. 

Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask / Herbivore Botanicals 

We all need a go to mask for clarifying our skin. While there are so many options out there, this has always been my favourite. This mask is made with Cambrian blue clay to clarify and balance, white kaolin clay to purify and renew, and anti-inflammatory geranium essential oil. It's really effective at clarifying without being too harsh for sensitive skin.

If you have dry, sensitive skin, leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes max. I also like spraying my face with toner throughout the masking session to keep my skin hydrated. 

Activated Charcoal Powder

Activated charcoal is like a facial in powdered form. It pulls all of the impurities out of your skin which allows your skin to get rid of the crap and start to heal.

Because it pulls everything out, you might notice a few more breakouts after, and that's totally normal. That's everything coming to the surface so your skin can get rid of it.

This is why it's like a facial - when you go to a professional, they'll treat your skin and perform extractions which get rid of your impurities. You might have a couple of breakouts after, but then in a week your skin will glow. This is what activated charcoal powder does. 

This can stain your skin, so you'll always want to mix it with another type of clay. I often go with french green clay and charcoal, or add some charcoal to another face mask. Use for fifteen minutes before washing off. You can also use charcoal in body masks to get similar effects. 

Dry & Sensitive Skincare Line / Sattva Pure (Discontinued)

Aside from your weekly treatments, you'll want to use a good skincare that actually works. I think the key to supporting your skin and healing your acne is hydration.

If your skin is moisturized and hydrated, it's in a much better place to fight off and heal acne. The moisture also acts as a protective barrier, which means if you have sensitive skin, it won't become inflamed as much. Basically, moisturizing is really important.

You all know I adore the Sattva Pure skincare products. They're gentle, but effective, they're made with amazing ingredients that soothe and hydrate your skin, and while this line is for dry skin, nothing is too rich or heavy for acne prone skin.

It's all actually helped my acne because by moisturizing and soothing my skin, my skin is much more balanced and I don't have as many breakouts. 

I hope these help you sort out your skin! If you have any questions about products or skincare tips, please comment below or shoot me an email, I'm always happy to help! 

With love,