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How to Declutter Your Makeup Bag in 5 Minutes

Decluttering your makeup may seem like an overwhelming task, but it's actually really important for you and your health. So important, that I'm going to help you do it in five minutes. 

Why Should I Declutter? 

Decluttering your makeup bag is going to help you in so many ways. The most important way, is your health.

Keeping your makeup products for years leads to bacteria growth. That bacteria growth is then going to applied to your brows, eyes, lashes, cheeks, and lips.

If you've ever had an eye infection, you'll know it's no fun. You can't see properly, your eye feels swollen, sore, and uncomfortable. It makes every day tasks a little bit more difficult. Not to mention going to the doctor, getting antibiotics, and dealing with those. It's not fun. 

Long story short, decluttering can give you time to go through your makeup and get rid of any expired products, so you don't have to deal with bacteria infections. 

Decluttering is also good for your mental health. When we keep all of these things that we don't need, it leads to mental clutter. So clear away what you don't need or want, and feel refreshed and calm. 

It's also great for your wallet, as you're able to see what products bring you joy, and which ones aren't working.

All of this will help you save time. You won't have to comb through a giant makeup bag to find the one lipstick you want. And you won't have to spend hours shopping for products because you'll know exactly what you need. 

How Often Should I Declutter? 

I declutter seasonally. Every three months is a good time to check in, look for expired products, look for what you need and what you don't.

How Do I Declutter? 

This is the fun part. 

Take out all of your products, and lay them on a table or the floor. Lay them out so you can see everything. 

Look for expired products first, and throw them out. Just toss them in the bin without a second thought.

But how do you know if it's expired? I love this Pintrest Graphic for a general idea about expiration dates.

Once you've combed through the expired products, look for products that you haven't used in a month, or ones that aren't working for you. Why should you keep products you aren't going to use? 

That's it! You're done! You've gotten rid of the possible bacteria infections and you've rid yourself of products that don't work for you. You're left with fresh products that you love, and that's awesome! 

What My Declutter Looked Like //

The first picture at the very top was my entire makeup collection, before I decluttered. I knew just by looking at it there were a few products that were expired, and a few I didn't like. 

I got rid of all of the products right above. The lip products were all expired. The eyeliner was a gift with purchase, and I just never use eyeliner. The mascara was expired. And the primer just didn't work for me, instead it made my skin quite red. 

These are the products I'm left with. As you can tell, decluttering didn't mean giving up my entire collection. It just mean getting rid of what I really didn't need. Now I'm left with products that actually work for me, making makeup application a lot more fun. 

I want to see your decluttering pictures! Tag me, @sarahapriceca on Twitter or Instagram so I can see! 

How do you declutter your makeup bag? 

Until next time,