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How to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Self Care Practice

Essential oils are little bottles of healing compounds sourced from plant life. They're incredibly versatile and handy to keep around.

I use them in different ways to support my emotional and mental well being. Today I want to share how I use them to inspire you to incorporate them into your own self care practice. 


This is the simplest way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routines. Every morning, I add a few drops of oil to my glass diffuser before I start my day. The scent depends on my mood and what I need, but it helps to promote a calm, peaceful environment that smells heavenly.

If you need scent ideas, check out my Essential Oil Tips + Tricks Pinterest board! I've repinned a bunch of diffuser blends and I'm planning on posting some of my favourite blends. 

DIY Beauty Treatments. 

Beauty really was the first way I ever practiced self care, and I'm really happy that essential oils are allowing me to make my own self care remedies. A few of my favourite ways to incorporate essential oils into my DIY beauty treatments are:

Essential oils give you the tools to make beautifully scented products that are natural, good for your skin, and have really healing benefits, unlike synthetic fragrances. 

Mental Health. 

Whether you're diffusing, making your own beauty treatments, or even wearing essential oil jewelry, essential oils have an influence on your mood.

I use the doTerra Balance Blend constantly because it's incredibly grounding and it helps me feel much more calm. You can also use the Motivate, Elevation, or Cheer blends to boost your spirits, or Lavender to help calm your nerves.

While I'll always say that therapy is the best way to support your mental health, finding effective coping strategies is really important too. 


One of the reasons I love doTerra (there's a bunch actually but that's for another post) is their oils are such high quality and so pure that they're safe to ingest. While I wouldn't recommend taking a lot, I love using some of their oils for internal, on the go wellness.

As someone who struggles with lots of nausea and motion sickness, I love that I can use their Peppermint or Ginger oils in a cup of water to help soothe my stomach. It's easier than carrying a tea bag that requires hot water, and it's more cost effective. doTerra also makes a DigestZen Blend specifically designed to soothe upset stomachs. Keep a bottle in your purse and you're good to go. 

How do you incorporate essential oils into your self care routine? I'd love to know your tips and tricks, and your favourite oils!

With love,