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Koya Natural Skincare Bath Treats Review

Koya Natural Skincare Bath Treats Review

I'm always on the lookout for ways to practice self care. From hydrating facial oils to luxurious lip balms, I love finding simple ways to take care of myself. 

While visiting RINSE Beauty Bar for some all natural nail treatments, I was introduced to Koya Natural Skincare. Koya is an all natural beauty line made locally in the GTA. They specialize in body care products, offering unique scrubs, creams, and bath treats. 

Tell Me More About Koya!

Koya believes in natural skincare, and formulates their products without any artificial preservatives, parabens, or toxins of any kind. Their line is also cruelty free and of course, vegan! Plus, all of their products are incredibly fresh, as they're made to order.

Another thing I love about Koya is that they're affordable. There are so many bath products out there at wildly expensive prices, but Koya is dedicated to crafting high quality, natural products without the high cost. 

Tell Me About their Bath Products! 

I love a good, relaxing bath. It's such a simple way to incorporate self care into your daily routine. 

Krush Bath Bomb // 

I like bath bombs to be super fizzy, to smell great, and to be made with natural ingredients that are good for my skin. This ticks all of the boxes. 

It's really fizzy and fun to use, and they've even posted videos on their Instagram so you can see just how fizzy it is.

It also smells wonderful. Koya uses a unique blend of essential oils that just fill the room with such a fresh, unique scent. It's difficult to describe, it's a little citrusy, but also a little sweet. 

And of course, it's made with natural ingredients that are good for your skin. The ingredients, like apricot kernel oil and dead sea salts, work together to nourish your skin while relaxing your muscles and relieving stress and tension. 

Bath Truffle // 

I love how this unique bath melt looks like an adorable, tiny scoop of ice cream. This one also fizzes really nicely, but not as much as the bath bomb. 

This one also smells incredible, and it's got that same unique Koya scent. 

But what I love the most about this one is how hydrating it is. Soaking in hot water can dry out your skin, but this leaves my skin super soft and hydrated every time, thanks to the cocoa and Shea butters. 

The Short Review

Koya Natural Skincare is my favourite green beauty bath and body shop because it's made locally, with fresh ingredients that are good for my skin and my wallet! 

Have you tried Koya before? 

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