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Lavami Soothe + Citrus Bath Soaks Review

Lavami Soothe + Citrus Bath Salts Review

If you've followed me on Instagram for any length of time, you'll know I ADORE baths. I have a bath pretty much every other night, as often as I can. Nothing makes me feel more grounded and at peace. 

Now my bathtime ritual is pretty set in stone. I use several cups of epsom salts, a handful of any kind of bath salts, and a few drops of essential oils that correspond with the bath salts. I love bath salts that are made with simple, natural, earth friendly ingredients, and I especially love it when they're made by small Canadian businesses because we all know I love supporting handmade, heartfelt beauty treatments. 

Which is why I want to highlight Lavami's healing bath soaks.

Lavami is a a personal care brand based in Calgary, Alberta (which is actually where my mom's side of the family is from!). They focus on crafting high quality, sustainable, and non GMO products that are easily incorporated into your daily rituals. 

Last year I chatted about their Floral Bath Soak, which was a thoughtful Christmas gift from my partner. This year I want to tell you all about their other soaks - the Soothe and Citrus Bath Soaks (Discontinued). 

The Soothe Bath Soak is a refreshing, fragrant blend of dead sea salt, epsom salt, baking soda, ginger root powder and root bark, peppermint leaves, and eucalyptus oil. 

I'm obsessed with the dead sea salt, as it has a slightly salty scent that reminds me of the summers spent by the beach. And I love using this when I'm feeling a little sluggish or down, as the combination of invigorating eucalyptus and spicy ginger always does the trick. 

The Citrus Bath Soak (Discontinued) is a sweet, bright blend of himalayan salt, dead sea salt, lemongrass oil, calendula petals, and dried juniper berries. We all know how amazing himalayan salt is for your skin - it's detoxifying and balancing, and it can improve hydration.  The lemongrass oil has a sweet, but citrus scent that's both soothing and uplifting. The calendula and juniper berries both work to heal and soothe skin irritations. 

This is the salt I gravitate towards when I need to release tension and unwind. And it pairs wonderfully with a few drops of lemongrass or lemon essential oil. 

Now I've tried a lot of bath soaks, but I've never tried anything like Lavami's. The formulas are truly unique, with ingredients like juniper berries, ginger root bark, and peppermint leaves.

I love that the Lavami Bath Soaks are dreamy, naturally scented soaks with soothing salts and plant botanicals. Each soak has lots of plant based fragrance, and instead of being irritating, it smells so darn good, it's hard to get out of the tub! 

And it doesn't hurt that I feel in alignment with Lavami's values. They focus on using sustainable and local ingredients, and they share this passion on their blog, in valuable, engaging blog posts that talk about recycling, skincare tips, and DIY recipes

If you haven't tried this Canadian brand, what are you waiting for?

With love,