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Making Woodlot an Essential Part of Your Day

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When Woodlot launched their line of essential oils, I was over the moon. Woodlot's candles have always been the most deep, complex, intoxicating scents, which is saying so much considering they're made of natural plant based waxes and essential oils. I find a lot of natural candles have very simplistic scents, but Woodlot just blows everything else away. 

And these oils are nothing short of beautiful. With the same formulas as their candles, Woodlot has crafted a unique line of oils that give you the freedom to incorporate Woodlot into every part of your beauty and self care rituals. While I haven't tried every oil (yet) I want to share a few ways I've made the Woodlot essential oils an essential part of my day. 

Their classic Original scent reminds me of Christmas trees, and you bet I diffused it all December long. The woodsy scents of fir, cedar, and pine pair beautifully with refreshing eucalyptus, brightening orange, and sweet vanilla. This is an oil I also like adding to the bath for a cozy treat. 

One of my longtime favourite scents, their lavender infused Flora oil is my go to beauty handmade beauty treatments, from body scrubs to aromatherapy shower tablets. This oil pairs lavender and bergamot together, my favourite combination. I actually use this essential oil in handmade linen and air sprays because both are amazing for uplifting your mood, and when you've got seasonal affective disorder, you need all the uplifting you can get!

Making Woodlot an Essential Part of Your Day



Flora Infused Linen Spray

2 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle
1.5 oz Filtered Water
10-20 Drops Flora Essential Oil



The Wildwoods scent, which is also the scent of the Woodlot Wildwoods Charcoal Soap, another favourite of mine, is like stepping into a damp forest. Everything smells so vivid and alive, like fir and balsam and clove, but of course, you're enjoying this from the comfort of your own home. This one is perfect for adding to your essential oil jewelry when you just want to feel comfortable and cozy. 

If you want to spice things up, you want the Cinder essential oil. With vetiver, cedar, sweet orange, and cinnamon, it's a soft but spicy scent that's ideal for a handmade massage or body oil. The vetiver and cedar will ground you, the sweet orange will uplift, and the cinnamon is just so darn good. 

Making Woodlot an Essential Part of Your Day





Cedar Infused Body Oil

2 oz Amber Glass Jar
1 oz Carrier Oil (Olive, Fractionated Coconut, Sweet Almond)
15-20 Drops Cinder Essential Oil

And the last oil I want to share today is the Cascadia oil - a classic, woodsy scent that's essential for diffusing when you're feeling a little restless, when you miss the cabin, or when you simply have a bit of wanderlust. 

Have you tried the Woodlot essential oils yet? What are you waiting for?

With love,