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My Everyday Makeup with cocokind

My Everyday Makeup With Cocokind

A few weeks ago I wrote about the newest cocokind products, The Colors! They've launched Primer Drops and Facial Powders, a plant based superfood duo that simplifies your makeup routine, leaving you with a soft, matte makeup look that's actually good for your skin. 

With this new launch, I've started loving makeup again. This minimal routine helps me feel put together without feeling like I'm caking on products, doing things incorrectly, or hiding my skin. So today I'm going to walk you through my everyday makeup routine with cocokind products. 

Face - Primer Drops + Facial Powders.

After moisturizing and applying sun cream, I start my makeup with The Colors. I apply one drop of the Green Primer Drops to my forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek. I'll gently massage the drops into my skin to cover my entire face. The drops leave a subtle shine that gives my skin a natural, luminous glow. The ingredients, from matcha to kale to ginger all work their plant powered magic to hydrate, protect, and soften my skin. 

After the primer drops have been applied, I'll use a big, fluffy makeup brush to apply the Facial Powder in Light. I usually do a light dusting of the powder - just enough to give my skin an even, matte finish, but not too much. While I prefer a light dusting, this powder is super easy to build up, and it won't look like you're wearing a lot of makeup. 

Once I've created a base layer of powder, I use a smaller brush, usually an eyeshadow brush to conceal any blemishes. I'll just dip the brush into the powder, and gently pat the powder onto the spots. The powder blends right in with my skin, concealing the acne without making it obvious. The powder reduces redness and shine while creating a smooth finish. 


To seal everything in, I always spray my skin with toner. While I use whatever toner I'm using, if you want to stick with the cocokind products, opt for their Organic Rosewater Facial Toner. Whatever you choose, you'll want something hydrating to not only seal the powder in, but to hydrate your skin and prevent your makeup from becoming patchy. 

Brows - EcoBrow.

Okay so I lied a little bit. I don't use cocokind products for my brows. I've been trying out different kinds of cocoa powder, but nothing has worked well yet. However, cocokind does have a Organic Full Brow Balm that you can use with cocoa powder to create more brow definition. I'd definitely be using this balm if it didn't have jojoba oil, which irritates my skin. 

While I try out different cocoa powders, I'm using the EcoBrow Eyebrow Defining Wax in Sharon. This is a really good brow product that applies easily and is really long lasting. I just wish it was vegan, as I won't repurchase because it does contain lanolin wax. 

Cheeks - Macabeet + MyMatcha.

I recently reviewed the cocokind Collective Treatment Sticks and talked about how I used them for both skincare and makeup. I use the Macabeet stick as a creamy blush. Just swipe it across your cheekbones and gently massage it into your skin for a subtle, rosy glow. 

To highlight, I use the MyMatcha stick. I usually apply to the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose, and sometimes under my brows. 

Both sticks are made of organic ingredients that work so well, apply easily, and last throughout the day. And the best part is they're good for your skin. I was a little nervous the coconut oil in the MyMatcha would make me break out, but it doesn't at all. Both sticks are nourishing and moisturizing, making them the best makeup your skin could ask for!

So How Does it All Look? 

It looks oh so natural, just the way I like it. You can see what these products look like over on the cocokind Instagram and on their website. And you can see what everything looks like on my skin on my selfies over on Instagram!

You all know I love cocokind, but I'm curious, what are your thoughts on the brand? Have you tried their products yet? 

With love,