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My First Three Month 'No Beauty Buy' - After


Well, it's been three months, and the no buy is over!

How Do I Feel?

I feel like this wasn't as transformative as I thought it would be. So I did it - didn't buy any beauty products for three months. Well I may have made one sneaky purchase but it was essential and I don't regret it!

But I don't feel any different. I saved a lot of money, but I feel like I didn't really go through that many products, so I still have a lot in my beauty stash.

What Did I Use Up?

I didn't empty that many products. Which makes sense because I knew I wasn't going through products as fast as I was accumulating them. 

I used up four skincare, two body care, and three bath / shower products. You can see the original, very long list here. I'm also planning on reviewing all of my new empties in a couple days, so you can see exactly what I used up and of course if anything is worth purchasing for yourself!

What Did I Learn?

I learned that I really don't go through products that fast - I only used up four skincare products in three months! So there's no need for me to be making spontaneous purchases. Ever. End of story. 

It looks like I'm going to stay on the no buy until further notice because at this rate I'll never run out of beauty products!

Have you ever done a no buy? What did you learn?