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My Simple Method for a Zero Waste Oral Care Routine

My Simple Method for a Zero Waste Oral Care Routine

I am proud to say my oral care routine is the one area of my routine that I feel so incredibly confident in. I make the products myself, with tested recipes from other creative, environmentally conscious people.

Today I want to share the recipes with you so you can save money, take care of your teeth, and reduce waste! 

The Zero Waste Toothbrush

There are so many zero waste toothbrush options these days. A bamboo brush, made with natural fibers, is ideal because once you're done with it, you can throw it in your compost! 

This Bamboo Toothbrush is made with bamboo, a biodegradable material that's also a fast growing, renewable resource. The bristles are BPA free, and while not biodegradable, they are recyclable. The best part is the packaging is even compostable. There's also a kid size

The DIY Toothpaste

My favourite DIY Toothpaste recipe is from DIY Natural. This recipe features three ingredients that are easy to find and very affordable.

The recipe takes just a few seconds to make, so I'm able to save so much time, money, and waste! I love the salt in this recipe because it gives the powder a little more grit, and the minerals are great for your teeth. 

The DIY Mouthwash

My favourite DIY Mouthwash recipe is also from DIY Natural. Once again, the recipe features ingredients that are easy to find and very affordable. 

My teeth feel super clean and fresh after using this mouthwash, but it doesn't burn or sting like conventional mouthwashes do. 

The Floss Dilemma

While finding zero waste solutions to your conventional toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash is pretty easy, finding a zero waste floss is not. 

There's really no straight answer, and it's even more complicated if you're vegan because a lot of the natural flosses are made with silk or beeswax. Shia, from Wasteland Rebel, has an excellent post written on this topic, so I really recommend you check that out here

I go with the Gentle Floss from Eco Dent because it's vegan and mostly plastic free. While not perfect, it's the best option for me. 

What are your favourite ways to reduce waste? Do you have any zero waste floss ideas? Let me know! 

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