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The 2017 Green Beauty Body Care Favourites

2017 Green Beauty Bodycare Favourites.png

We've already covered this year's skincare favourites, so now let's talk about the body care favourites! 

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Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick*

This innovative, zero waste deodorant stick had to make my favourites. Not only does this deodorant work well, but it's lightly scented (with natural essential oils, NOT synthetic fragrance!) and it's packaged in a zero waste, biodegradable tube. It also has a Baking Soda Free sister if that's your thing!

Wildcraft Deodorant Spray

This year was a good year for deodorants eh? Wildcraft launched this spray deodorant and I knew right away I had to try it.

This deodorant works really well, it doesn't irritate, nor does it leave any greasy residue. It's easy to throw in your purse or gym bag, and because it's a spray, it's a lot less messy than cream deodorants. It basically ticks all the boxes!

Meow Meow Tweet Repair Balm*

I love a good, multi-purpose repair balm. This one is great for your hands, lips, and your whole bod. I mostly use it as a hand cream, and I love how well it works. It leaves my skin soft and nourished, but not greasy. And the small, biodegradable tube is perfect for bags of all sizes!

Meow Meow Tweet Face & Body Cream

I included this in my skincare favourites, but I want to share it again here. This cream is really the holy grail of creams. It's incredibly nourishing for even the driest of skin types. It's also really healing - there have been so many times when my skin is itchy and inflamed, and every time this is the ONLY product that actually works to reduce the inflammation and heal my skin. It's a dream to use, and I plan on keeping one around at all times. 

Leaves of Trees Lavender Argan Butter*

While I love repair balms and creams, sometimes you just want a classic hand cream. This is the perfect solution.

Made with argan oil and lavender essential oils, this creamy butter is perfect for dry skin. It's incredibly luxurious, and it feels amazing on your skin. While it's really moisturizing, it does leave your skin a tiny bit greasy, but it's totally worth it because once it's been absorbed, your skin will feel so incredibly soft. And of course the lavender is a wonderful touch - it's so relaxing, and it adds to the luxury of the cream. 

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Mum's The Word

I've always wanted to have a go to, perfect nail polish that I could wear all year long. And only recently did I realize I've found it! I've been using this polish non stop since June. It's the perfect colour - not too purple, not too pink, and not too beige.

It's a colour I can wear all year round, it works really well with my skin tone, and because it's Butter London, it's all natural, 7 Free, and it lasts forever. If you need an "essential" nail polish, this should totally be it! You can see what this polish looks like on here and here

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