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The 2018 Simple and Sustainable Gift Guide

The 2018 Simple and Sustainable Gift Guide

I love gifting. I love the process of selecting products for each person, collecting everything, wrapping, and then of course watching them open their present.

But gifting can be difficult. To give you a hand, I’ve listed all of the simple and sustainable products that come highly recommended by myself. For the most part, it’s all skincare, because A) This is a skincare blog and B) That’s one of my favourite things to gift and receive.

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And if you want more ideas from products I’ve tried, tested, and loved, check out my Beauty Essentials page!

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Under $10

While I haven’t tried a lot of sheet masks, nothing has beaten these ones. They’re like dumping an entire bottle of plant based serum goodness on your face. My favourite is the Brighten & Tighten followed by the Lift & Firm.

I love a good bar of soap. Like seriously, if someone were to just give me these bars of soap for Christmas, I’d be psyched. The Woodlot soaps are especially lovely because they’re palm oil free, vegan, and they smell divine. They’re one of the simplest ways to incorporate a little luxury into your giftee’s beauty ritual without breaking the bank.

Under $20

One of the best facial cleansers I’ve ever used, this zero waste cleanser is gentle enough for all skin types, but it’s especially great for acne prone skin.

Packed with superfood goodness, this mask reduces redness and irritation, reduces the appearance of acne and scars, and brightens the skin. It basically does everything you could ever want, in one product. Your giftee can also toss this in the bath for full body benefits or add it to a latte for some internal goodness!

Under $30

Made with green tea, clay, and a heavenly blend of essential oils, this is a mask essential for any skin type.

You can’t go wrong with watermelon seed oil and blue tansy oil. These ingredients are incredibly soothing, nourishing, and just so damn good at remedying skin issues. I find this to be most helpful for reducing redness, irritation, and for clarifying.

This face cream is one of my holy grail products. No matter what’s going on with my skin, it can always get things back in order.

Under $50

This is a luxurious cleansing oil that’s balancing, moisturizing, soothing, and clarifying. It’s the perfect gift for anyone looking to simplify their skincare ritual while still practicing self care.

The best way to describe this mask is a luxury yet essential product. It’s exfoliating, clarifying, soothing, and very brightening, making it an absolute essential in anyone’s mask collection.

Under $100

This is such a cool cleanser. I’ll probably never get over it. While it’s effective, exfoliating, and brightening, what I really love about this is the powder to foam efficacy. It makes for such a unique, interesting, and fun experience!

This is a gentle mask that uses plant based AHAs and BHAs to resurface and clarify the skin, resulting in a natural, healthy glow.

This night treatment is a very trendy product, and for good reason. The antioxidant infused treatment soothes redness and irritation, hydrates, and the fruit enzymes gently exfoliate.