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Ursa Major Skincare Review

Ursa Major Skincare Review

Ursa Major has come to one of Toronto's luxury green beauty shops, Petal & Post. I was lucky enough to be able to try some of their skincare line, so today I want to share it with you. 

Who is Ursa Major? 

Ursa Major is a Vermont based green beauty company that's looking to potent, healthy beauty products for everyone. They're gluten and cruelty free, with natural and mostly organic ingredients. A bonus is they're an androgynous line, with unisex scents and creative packaging. 

What Products do they offer? 

Ursa Major offers skincare and body care. They also offer shaving creams and unique razors, and there's even a candle in their line up. 

I'm a skincare fanatic, so I was generously gifted their skincare line to test and review for you!

 All three of these products work together perfectly to gentle take care of your skin by using natural, organic ingredients that actually work. It's simplicity at it's finest. 

Essential Face Wipes* // 

I love wipes for on the go makeup removal. They're a great way to quickly remove makeup before a workout or long walk home. 

Like a lot of the Ursa Major products, these wipes harness the powers of unique ingredients to protect, soothe, and take care of your skin. There's the classics, like aloe vera and witch hazel, but also apple and birch sap to reduce redness, and radish root to hydrate and offer anti bacterial properties. 

These wipes really are an essential. They're a no fluff kind of thing, without lofty promises of detoxing or seriously hydrating. They're a minimal facial wipe that smells great, isn't irritating, and does the job. 

Fantastic Face Wash* // 

This is a very gentle face wash that really is fantastic. It's a gel cleanser, but it's not harsh and it doesn't strip your skin. It's actually rather exfoliating too, so you can remove your makeup and remove dead skin cells in one go. 

The unique ingredients in this face wash include sugarcane, which helps to reduce oil and fight acne and white tea to protect your skin from sun damage. In the hot, sunny Summer, this really is a life saver. 

Fortifying Face Balm* // 

While the name reminds me of a thick, hydrating balm, this is the opposite. It's hydrating, of course, but it's an incredibly light weight product, so it's perfect for warmer weather. 

Just like the cleanser, this has acne fighting powers. There's witch hazel, which acts as an astringent along with providing anti inflammatory properties. There's also willow bark, known for it's ability to stop acne. This balm also has kendi seed for hydration, carrot to provide anti aging benefits, and birch to reduce redness. 

Where can I buy Ursa Major products? 

Ursa Major is available at their online shop and here in Toronto at Petal & Post. To get free shipping from Petal & Post, use code sarahprice-Summer. This is a one time use coupon code available until midnight on September 30th. 

What do you think? Will you try some of these Ursa Major products? 

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