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What is the Difference Between Moisturizing and Hydrating?

What is the Difference Between Moisturizing and Hydrating

At first glance, these words seem interchangeable. But they're actually different. Today I'm going to break down these terms, what they mean, and how to tell what your skin actually needs. 

What Does Moisturizing Mean? 

If something is moisturizing, it's going to create a protective barrier on your skin that makes your skin more soft. This barrier protects your skin from the environment, like wind, sun, and pollution. But no matter your skin type, you'll need to use a good moisturizer to help build that barrier. Don't forget to also protect your skin from the sun with an SPF cream

This protective barrier is also why people with drier skin tend to have more sensitive skin. Because their skin is dry, it has less of a protective barrier, so their skin is more exposed to the environment. 

What Does Hydrating Mean? 

If something is hydrating, it's going to prevent water loss. My favourite kinds of hydrating products are serums with hyaluronic acid, preferably if the acid is in the top three ingredients. The acid helps your skin absorb water, so your skin is more plump and supple. 

How Do I Know Which One I Need? 

Now that you know the difference, which one do you need? I think that everyone needs a good moisturizer that's meant for their skin type. This helps to moisturize your skin, build up that protect barrier, and keep your skin happy and balanced.

If you feel like your skin is rough, dry, or flaky, you need more moisture. Look for a more intensely hydrating night cream that will give your skin the nourishment it needs. My favourite, year round night cream is one by Sattva Pure. A more intense cream by 100% Pure used to be my go to Winter cream before I got my moisturizing under control. 

But some times you'll need a hydrating product as well. If your skin looks dull and feels tight, you need a hydrating product. Try my favourite hyaluronic serum, and look for hyaluronic acid in other products as well. You should also look at your water intake because if your skin isn't hydrated, there's a chance you need more water. 

What are your favourite moisturizers? Your favourite hydrators? Let me know!

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