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Why You Need a Cuticle Oil (And Which One I Recommend)

Why You Need a Cuticle Oil (And Which One I Recommend)

I've always "done my nails". You know, when you set aside time each week to remove last week's polish, trim, file, soak, and apply new polish? I've always done it, because when my nails look their best, I feel so much more put together. It's like when your hair is freshly cut and washed. You just *feel* better. 

Although I've always spent time on my nails, I've never used a cuticle oil. I just didn't see the point because I always use lots of hand cream. Why do my cuticles need oil, if my hands were getting enough moisture?

Why You Need a Cuticle Oil

Now I know better. After getting my nails done by a professional last Summer, I started rethinking cuticle oil. I noticed that when I applied oil to my nails, I immediately saw a difference in how they looked and felt. Right away, the area looked softer and more smooth. I also noticed less hangnails, and less overall damage and irritation. 

How Does a Cuticle Oil Work?

I mean, it sounds obvious right? When our skin is properly moisturized, it's going to be more protected, and it's going to heal more quickly. So of course, when we moisturize our cuticles and nails, they'll be more protected, heal more quickly, and look so much better. Duh. 

And when you think about it, your hands take quite the beating. They're exposed to sun, salt, wind, rain, and pollution - and that's just when you walk outside. But they're also exposed to harsh ingredients in traditional beauty and cleaning products, maybe the dirt from your garden, or the oil from your car. So at the end of the day, they deserve a nice, healing oil to moisturize, protect, and repair!

Applying a cuticle oil isn't an intensive beauty treatment. After washing my hands, I apply a hand cream and follow with a single drop of oil onto each nail. I gently massage the oil in, let it sit for a minute or two, and I'm on my way. In a pinch, I've even applied the Meow Meow Tweet Repair Balm* to my nails on the go, and got the same benefits!

The Cuticle Oil I Recommend

While you can use a balm or an oil, I recommend an oil. It's lighter, it'll sink in quicker, and it's easier to apply just the right amount. The oil I recommend isn't a fancy, luxurious cuticle oil. It's olive oil. 

Olive oil has lots of antioxidants, which help repair cellular damage and prevent the skin from aging. It won't clog pores or irritate your skin. And while it's a light oil, it's incredibly nourishing. I use it on my face for soft, glowing skin, and on my body to heal dry, irritated skin. 

While you can use the oil however you like, I like pouring it into a small, amber glass dropper bottle so I can easily apply just one drop per nail. This packaging also makes it easier to apply on the go!

If you're not digging the olive oil, and would prefer a balm, I'd go with the Meow Meow Tweet Repair Balm* - it's a multi-purpose, nourishing, healing balm, and it comes in a biodegradable package!

How do you take care of your nails? Do you use a cuticle oil?

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