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Why You Really Need a Wooden Hair Brush

Why You Really Need a Wooden Hair Brush

I used to hate brushing or combing my hair. When I had really long hair, brushing was painful and the process made my hair look weird and fluffy. When I had short hair, combing wasn't always an option, but it made my hair look weird and either too neat, or again, fluffy.

As I'm growing my hair out again, I've realized I need to take good care of it. I've also noticed my hair sheds a lot, and it dawned on me that my hair is falling out because I'm not brushing it out. I needed to get a brush, and asap. But I wanted something different, and as someone who is working towards a zero waste lifestyle, I wanted to avoid plastic brushes.

Thankfully, wooden brushes exist. Not only are they wonderful for reducing plastic and taking good care of your hair, they're actually pretty compared to their plastic counterparts. I've also noticed they work better than the plastic alternatives, so today I want to share everything I've noticed since I've made the switch to a wooden hair brush.

Gentle Brushing.

I always felt like I was ripping all of my hair out every time I brushed. Apparently, the synthetic pegs on traditional brushes are a lot more rough than the polished, smooth, wooden pegs. I don't feel like I'm ripping my hair out, and there's no pain at all.

Less Static.

My hair used to get really fluffy and it had lots of static after brushing. As someone who likes their hair messy but still kind of neat, the fluffy look didn't work. But wooden bristles don't do that. The bristles smoothly glide through my hair, leaving my hair soft but not fluffy.

Daily Scalp Massage.

Massaging your scalp is really great for encouraging hair growth and it's pretty soothing. The wooden bristles in the hair brush are wonderful at massaging my scalp without pain.

Better Oil Distribution.

I've got oily hair that can quickly go from shiny to greasy. But since I've started using a wooden brush daily, my hair has looked a lot less greasy. Instead of staying at the scalp, my hair's natural oils are evenly distributed throughout my hair. Not only does my hair look less greasy, but I'm able to go longer between washes, and my ends are nowhere near as dry as they used to be.

Less Plastic Means More Environmentally Friendly.

By nixing the plastic handle and synthetic bristles, and opting for sustainable wood instead, you're reducing your environmental footprint. When we produce plastics, we're using fossil fuels that are harmful to the environment. But when we opt for products made from natural wood, we're using a tree that can be planted again, creating a much more sustainable source of material. 

Have you tried a wooden brush or comb? You can purchase one here.

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