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Why You Should Use a Facial Soap + My Recommendations

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Bar soaps are one of my favourite beauty products. They're so simple, but somehow luxurious at the same time. They're better on the environment that bottled body washes, and there's just so many to choose from, I always have my eye on a new one.

But until recently, I never used them on my face, and now that I have, I want to share them with you because using facial soaps as a cleanser has become my favourite part of my skincare ritual. 

They're Not as Drying As You Think

I've always been interested in using a facial soap. They're prettier than bottled cleansers and it's easier to find natural ingredients in bar soaps. But I was always worried they'd be too drying for my dry, sensitive skin. And I've found that's not true at all! I cleanse just at night, and I haven't had any issues with the soaps stripping my skin. I think what's important is to find nourishing bars of soap that are made with plant based oils like coconut and olive. 

Facial Soap is Better for the Environment

While the packaging methods differ between brands, facial soaps are often packaged in a very small amount of recyclable paper. Some shops even have them totally package free, which makes them low waste or even zero waste alternatives to a conventional cleanser. But regardless, you're saving a plastic bottle from the landfill!

One caveat is if you want to help the environment, you should avoid palm oil based soaps!

They're More Affordable

They're usually cheaper if you compare dollars and weight with bottled cleansers, but they also last a lot longer, especially if they're stored properly. I store mine in a well draining shower caddy out of reach from the water spray. I've been using it for months and I still have a huge bar left!

My Recommendations

These are some of the soaps I've had my eyes on recently! 

Acne Prone Skin: Tea Tree Charcoal Facial Soap or Eucalyptus Mint Soap

Combination Skin: Pumpkin + Wild Carrot Complexion Soap or Lemongrass Bar Soap

Dry Skin: Pure Olive Oil Soap or Geranium Bar Soap 

Sensitive Skin: Unscented Bar Soap or Pink Rose Clay Facial Soap

What are your favourite facial soaps?

With love,