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Woodlot Coconut Wax Candles Review

Last month, I opened our linen closet and realized I had no candles. Not the end of the world, but candles are kind of an essential. They make your home smell wonderful and they make me feel really relaxed and calm. Living in Toronto, you'd think going out and purchasing some soy candles would be no big deal. But everything I found was either way too expensive, smelled weird, or was sold by a company I'm not super into supporting. So naturally, I looked to Etsy, where I found Woodlot.

Woodlot is a small, personal care shop based in British Columbia. They sell personal care products like soaps and soaks and they offer a lovely selection of clean-burning, petroleum-free, coconut wax candles. I love self care and beauty products (duh - I do have a beauty blog) and this shop makes me so happy. I just picked up some candles but I plan on making another order soon for some beauty products.

So let's chat about the candles - Woodlot uses a combination of organic coconut and non gmo soy wax to create a beautiful, high quality candle that burns for hours. I love the addition of coconut wax, it's very unique and I prefer coconut to soy. They package their creations in simple glass jars with a minimal white and black label that seamlessly fits into all kinds of decor.

I bought the Original, Heat, and Flora scents. The Original is their best selling scent, with notes of pine, maple, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and orange. It's a beautiful mix that's perfect for Fall.

My favourite scent, Flora, has a strong lavender scent that I adore, along with orange and patchouli. I'm really picky with my lavender scents, some I adore and some I really hate, but this is a perfect lavender that makes me feel calm and happy.

I'm in love with these candles and I'm excited to order some more scents! What are your favourite candles?

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